Building is a child's play

A life-size building game
The Magic Beams
Harmonized dimensions

Corner is a breakthrough 2D modular system designed to build outstanding constructions in a snap. This patented life-size building game was tailored from the ground up for off-site mass production, easy on-site transportation and assembling. Prefabricated panels (walls, floors) are seamlessly assembled on site thanks to our “magic beams”. 

Our “magic beams” allow buildings to sprout out overnight. Posts and beams feature invisible connectors to bring the SIF (Structural Insulated Finished) panels together effortlessly, while ensuring perfect water and air tightness. The inner structure of the beams hosts all the fluids (plumbing, rainwater, power, air), saving months of finishing work.

Each module has standardized dimensions. The structural thickness (40cm / 16'') serves as a grid unit for dimensioning each building component (panels, post and beams, windows, door frames, stairs, etc.). This allows us to provide an ever-evolving catalogue of compatible modules than can be used in any construction project.

Build better.

Our structural panels are made of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), a massive wood technology offering the highest thermal and mechanical performances along with stunning interior finishing.

Asset 11_4x.png
Build faster.

Corner saves up to one year on your construction project lifespan by streamlining the whole workflow. In particular, Corner spares you 4 months of stressful finishing work. 

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Build greater.

The sky is the limit. Corner’s unprecedented modularity opens endless possibilities for constructions of any type and size.


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Corner is on mission to democratize the highest grade of architectural and environmental excellence. We develop breakthrough modular technologies combining architecture, engineering and software to build outstanding constructions in a snap. 

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